First of all, let me start by saying we share your appreciation in American Made Products. Over the past four years we have valued you, our Customer, and have appreciated your support. Unfortunately, as time progresses, we continue to discover many of our vendors have gone out of business, have increased their costs, or have been forced to import product in order to stay in business. These changes effect our ability to serve you and honor the principles behind It has always been our #1 priority to promote and sell products solely made in the USA. We have come to a cross road where we can not continue to best serve our Customers with the growing changes we are facing. It is with great regret to announce we are closing our web store at this time. We will not give up our passion to buy and support products made in the USA. We also encourage you to do the same. With that being said, we will be leaving the site open until November 15, 2013 to allow any last purchases and/or gift cards to be used. After this date the site will no longer be available. Again we thank you for all your support and wish you the very best. Any inquiries to purchase or Domain name, please contact